Estabilshed in 1990, SunnyScopa Inc. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Decal Papers, Blank Waterside Decal Papers, Ceramic Colors, Glass Colors, Oil & Medium Coating.

SUNNYSCOPA Laser Waterslide Decal paper (Blue Type)

Starting in the heart of South Korea, after a lengthy period of vigorous prototyping and investments, Sunnyscopa introduced the concept of products like DIY decal paper, inkjet/laser tattoo paper, and rub-off transfer paper all over the world. Sunnyscopa .Inc was founded in 1990 and sold it's products to the public and to businesses allowing anyone to print decals onto surfaces with minimal effort or equipment.

Proud to provide excellent quality with upmost honesty, Sunnyscopa Decal Papers are made with a special Urethane that does not yellow, so that your decal can be used timelessly. Likewise, Sunnyscopa Tattoo Paper which was developed to fix the shortcomings that come with traditional Tattoo Paper by being water resistant and longer lasting, has been thoroughly tested and approved by the USA FDA Standard regulations as well as achieved the highest Dermatest rating. It is skin safe and safe to use on sensitive skin. As patented manufacturers, Sunnyscopa do everything they can to provide you with exceptional quality without cutting any corners.

CEO (Sun Y. Lee) innovated countless decal papers, for various surfaces, always listening to feedback from his customers to help rapidly develop improvements and to keep up with new printing technologies, while passionately supporting the community he's built and his valuable customers. Sunny introduced the term "muljeonsaji" (Korean for "waterslide") around the year 2000 as he pioneered the evolution of his Decal Paper varieties and sold Waterslide Decal Paper in both a white decal version and clear decal. It wasn't until the 20th century when decal paper manufacturers started to emerge globally, but there were very few innovators that helped pave the way forward. Sunnyscopa is one of the oldest manufacturers and still innovating their products, for more surfaces, with the latest technology in mind, just like when it was founded during the 1990s peak in the technology industry.

KISC 한국문구공업협동조합 16/10/2004 "Best Product" award (No 04-80)

KIPA (Korea Invention Promotion Association) Silver Prize for 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair

Sunny coined the term "Film-Free" (or German "film-freies") when he invented a new patented product in 2014 that fixed all the drawbacks that came with Waterslide Decal Paper. Sunnyscopa was awarded Product of The Year by SGIA Las Vegas. With convenience in mind, Sunny kept the 'waterslide' technique when inventing Film-Free Decal Paper to allow for easier application and readjusting the decal before it starts to set.

This new type of decal paper would create such high-quality results it could replace the old commercially used decal making process (Xerography) and revolutionalize a lot of processes for decorating or branding various items by making it more easy to use and accessible to the general public. Through the use of special glue and many carefully designed layers, the film that Waterslide Decal Papers were associated with was removable by peeling it away and the remaining ink was both dishwasher-safe and far more durable. Since the release of Film-Free Decal Paper on 14/06/2014, it's allowed for many businesses and DIY enthusiasts to create professional quality durable decals, affordably using their own home or office printer.

Sunny is always innovating and improving the range of decal papers, with the renowned Film-Free range, and the most recent High Adhe range designed to withstand heavy usage, even Rub-On Metallic Transfer Paper to add to the collection of Film-Free Metallics and Tattoo Paper Metallics. Sunnyscopa is proud to have achieved it's popularity amongst many industries through it's diverse collection of professional products. Waterslide Decal Paper is so popular and that it is still famously used even on Candles, Wax and Figurines. Sunnyscopa also sells other specialized Decal Papers and Tools made for Decals. Namely "Print On" and "Heat Transfer" being decal paper product lines tailored for fabrics.

Tattoo Paper can be used to create very realistic tattoos great for use in movie production, trialing a tattoo design before going permanent, or changing your tattoo each week. Sunnyscopa have also developed Metallic decal papers for their Tattoo range and Film-Free products which have also gained popularity as the design still originates from your printer. The product applies a metallic that sticks to the printed image, allowing you to print and create Metallic decals. One of the best sellers are also "Rub-On" decal paper for those who require something more traditional or for dry surfaces. With it's impressive product line, Sunnyscopa will continue to innovate new decal paper products with more effective solutions.

SUNNYSCOPA Metallic Waterslide Film-Free


1990 Sunny Trading Co. in Seocho, Seoul established

1994 Main office move to Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

1994 Trade License obtained

1995 Food & Sanitary License obtained

1997 Changed to Limited corp. (Sunny Industrial Co. Ltd)

1998 Factory in Janghang-dong, Ilsam estabilshed

1999 Pigment Mixing 3 Rollers Mixing Machine Installed

1999 Nominated Promising Export Company


2000 Established Ceramic Colors Joint Venture Factory in China

2001 Head office move to Baekseok-dong, Ilsan, Goyang

2002 Factory move to jiyoung dong, Ilsan, Goyang

2003 Inkjet Decal Paper, Tattoo Paper Patent Registered

2003 ISO 9001, KSA 9001 Quality Standard Certificate Registered

2004 Inkjet Rub-off Decal Paper developed

2004 KISC Best Product award 204 (No. 04-80)

2005 Venture Company for New Technology Registered

2007 Magic Decal Paper Patent Registered


2010 Head office move to Gangsong-ro 74, Ilsan, Goyang

2010 Factory move to Sanghiseokri, Paju

2014 Film-Free Laserjet Decal Paper Developed

2014 Awarded 'Product of Year' at 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair

2014 Awarded 'Product of Year' by SGIA 2014 in Los Angeles

2016 Film-Free Laserjet Decal Paper Patent Registered

2016 Factory move to 680 Jaedurumi Road, Paju

2018 Started selling on Amazon

2023 New Global Website, with local shipping in USA & DE



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