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For use on any rough, porous surface such as Paper, Leather, Plastic, Wood, Fabric, Metal.
Adhesion is weaker on Candle, Glass, Ceramic (for these surfaces please see our Waterslide Decal Paper).
Suitable applications: Shopping bag, Shipping box, Plastic models, Album cover,
Cards, Scrapbook, Labeling (box, file. folder, storage container)
Art textbook, Architecture model, Diorama

Inkjet Printer compatible

Rub to apply

Dual-Layer durability

No water required

No Yellowing

* Available only in clear. If you would like to order white please contact us separately.

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Paper Size: LTR (8.5"x11")

We present one of our most popular products, Rub-On Transfer Paper allows you to transfer your designs onto various surfaces, and is a great dry alternative to our best selling Waterslide Decal Paper range. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your projects or a business owner looking to brand your products, you can be certain our transfer paper has been highly innovated to transfer images with professional results, our Rub-On Transfer Paper is the perfect solution, already used worldwide. It is easy to use, requiring only an Inkjet Printer and scissors.

How to use Rub-On Decal Paper


Unlike your average transfer paper, Our Rub-On Transfer Paper encloses the printed ink between two thin membranes to protect your transferred image from smudging and prevents the ink from running down your surface. Your image or decal is easily transferred by rubbing the backing to release the image.

It allows you to transfer any high-quality image or design onto a variety of surfaces, including paper, packaging, models, dioramas, gifts, ornaments, and much more. With its easy-to-use application process, requiring only a printer and scissors, you can quickly and easily transfer images that are both durable and long-lasting.

Rub-On Decal Paper is a great way to print images or decals and apply them anywhere in a book, a folder or onto devices with a rough plastic shell, even textured furniture such as wood. However if you're after a more abrasion proof solution, we recommend our Film-Free Decal Paper.

How Rub-On Decal Paper works

About Rub-On Transfer Paper

No water required.

Effortlessly transfer high quality images, from your printer to various surfaces.


Rub-On Transfer Paper

Film-Free Waterslide Decal Paper

Waterslide Decal Paper

Printer Type:

Inkjet Only

Laser or LaserJet

Inkjet & Laser options

Film Thickness:

0.8 mils (20 µm)


up to 0.8 mils (20 µm)