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Product Of The Year Award

SGIA 2014 Las Vegas

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For use on any smooth, non-porous surface such as Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Polished Wood, Candle, Soap, Glass and more.

Laser Printer compatible

No coating required

Reposition before set


Dishwasher-Safe (Heat Cure)

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Paper Size: A4

Product Awards

Multi-Award-Winning Decal Paper

Introducing Film-Free Waterslide Decal Paper range, we proudly present our innovative product, invented in 2014 and awarded product of the year. Film-Free Decal Paper allows you to transfer your designs onto various surfaces, leaving a durable and dishwasher-safe, film-free finish with the best adhesion, ready for retail. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your projects or a business owner looking to brand your kitchenware, our film-free decal paper is the perfect solution already used worldwide. It is easy to use, requiring any laser printer, the provided glue, your chosen design, and a few simple steps to achieve professional results. Film-Free is a new patented sunnyscopa technology that eliminates the problems which plague existing Waterslide Decal Paper on the market. It adheres the printed image using carefully formulated glue, and our special transfer film. The design is cured and the film gets peeled away from the surface, leaving an incredibly durable decal with far better color.

Product of The Year SGIA 2014 Las Vegas
SIIF Silver Prize Awarded by KIPA at 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair

How to use Film-Free Waterslide Decal Paper


Globally used by DIY enthusiasts since the 90s, Waterslide Decal Paper is a versatile and exciting printing medium that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It allows you to transfer any high-quality image or design onto a variety of surfaces, including kitchenware, models, dioramas, gifts, ornaments, and much more. With its easy-to-use application process, you can quickly and easily create custom designs that are both durable and long-lasting.

With desire to fix the many drawbacks that come with traditional Waterslide Decal Paper, Sunny passionately set out to invent a decal paper that cures images directly from the printer to the surface. He coined the term Film-Free after ensuring the image has excellent adhesion. The decal paper uses the highly favoured 'Waterslide technology', allowing you to reposition your decal after applying, eliminating any hassle associated with sticky paper. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a creative novice, with a few extra steps, Film-Free is easy to use and produces stunning results. Since it's release, this product range has been highly sought after, and is now used globally for many applications.

How Film-Free Decal Paper works

Waterslide Decal Paper comparison

No more film, just ink.

Create durable and dishwasher-safe decals with professional results.


Film-Free Waterslide Decal Paper

Laser Waterslide Decal Paper

Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

Printer Type:

Laser or LaserJet

Laser or LaserJet


Film Thickness:


0.5 mils (13 µm)

0.8 mils (20 µm)